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Yvonne Roberts

Yvonne at Northbrook College Worthing
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I am currently studying a BA Fine Arts (Hons) degree at Brighton Metropolitan Northbrook and am in my final year.
My artworks are symbolic gestures of the fragile relationship that human consumption imposes on the finely tuned and delicately sustainable ecological balance of our world.
The mediums that I use to create my work are usually found, recycled, man made and natural materials.
My inspiration comes from the natural world,visits to sculpture parks, museums and galleries.. Researching scientific and educational reviews and reading biographies of Contemporary and Conceptual artists whose work engages, relates and empathises with my own ideas.
I have exhibited in Solo and Group exhibitions in London and West Sussex.
For information on sizes and prices of my exhibited 2D and 3D works and enquiries on commissions please contact

Thank you.