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Molly Arnold

Molly enjoys pen and wash and designing greeting cards, however her handling of water colours is quite special and has resulted in a number of commissions. Castles,churches and old buildings are Molly's main subject of interest
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Molly painting one of the delightful cottages in Midhurst
I was born in Worthing but it was not until I retired and felt bored that I started painting in water colours. I watched Frank Clarke on TV early mornings when he always ended by saying Come On Try It so I thought OK I will and bought some paints, brushes and paper, and sat down to try it. At first I was scared stiff but soon got the hang of it. However here I am having attended a few courses in the weekends then I started painting at the Mill at Ford Gallery with Piers Ottery which was fantastic. I've always preferred to paint out of doors.
I have painted with the Tarring Art Circle for a number of years and exhibited with both them and a small group called Studio 19 who exhibited in Hampshire and West Sussex. I have also painted several commissions.
For further information about my work I can be contacted on my telephone number 01903 532139